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Baru2 ini microsoft merilis Internet Explorer 9 yang biasa disebut IE9.Kemampuan dari browser ini cukup tangguh untuk berselancar di internet.Apalagi tampilannya menawan dengan theme baru dari microsoft.Bagi yang sudah menginstal IE9 akan merasakan perbedaannya dengan versi sebelumnya.
Dari securitynya,IE9 sudah sangat aman bagi anda yang suka berselancar ke website yang rentan terhadap spyware dan virus karena sudah dilengkapi firewall yang akan memberitahukan kepada anda apabila website tersebut memiliki konten yang berbahaya seperti virus, spyware, dan phising.
Dengan menggunakan IE9,website yang kita kunjungi akan terlihat cantik LINK DOWNLOAD ADA DIBAWAH

Menurut dari official web microsoft mengatakan bahwa :

Faster ways to get to your websites
People have different ways to get the same things done. Some use the Start menu to get to their programs, while others like to use the taskbar or desktop shortcuts. Internet Explorer 9 has something for every preference, offering different ways to get to your favorite sites—fast.
  • From One Box (formerly known as the address bar), you can pin a website by clicking the icon to the left of the web address and dragging it to the taskbar, the Start menu, or your desktop. Now your favorite sites are just a click away—you can launch the site without first having to open Internet Explorer.
  • If you’re already in the browser, open a new tab to see a selection of your favorite sites. To go to a site, just click it. Your favorite sites are always within easy reach

 Fitur dari IE9 sebagai berikut :

Streamlined design

The first thing you'll notice when you open Internet Explorer 9 is the compact user interface. Most command bar functions, like Print or Zoom, can now be accessed by clicking the Tools button, and your favorites appear when you click the Favorites button. Otherwise, Internet Explorer gives you the basic controls you need, and lets the web take center stage.

Pinned Sites

If you visit certain webpages regularly, Pinned Sites allows you access them directly from the taskbar on your Windows 7 desktop.

Pinning a site is simple: click the icon to the left of the web address in the address bar (or the website icon on the New Tab page) and drag it to the taskbar—the website's icon will stay there until you remove it. When you click the icon later, the website will open in Internet Explorer.
Whenever you open a pinned site, the website icon appears at the top of the browser, so you have easy access to the website home page. The Back and Forward buttons change color to match the color of the icon.

Download Manager

Download Manager is a powerful new feature that keeps a running list of the files you download from the Internet and notifies you when a file could be malicious. It also lets you pause and restart a download—if you have a slow internet connection—and shows you where to find downloaded files on your computer. You can clear the list at any time.

Add-on Performance Advisor

Add-ons, such as toolbars, can enhance your browsing experience, but they can also slow it down. Add-on Performance Advisor tells you if an add-on is slowing down your browser performance, and then allow you to disable or remove it.
Hardware acceleration
To speed up performance, Internet Explorer uses the power of your computer's graphics processor, also known as a GPU, to handle graphics-heavy tasks like video streaming or online gaming. By tapping into the GPU, Internet Explorer delivers a faster and more immersive web experience.

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